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RUST Language is the Best Chance for Industry Safe Systems

Published Mon, Nov 02 2020 13:43 pm
by The Silicon Trend




“RUST is a system programming language that focused on speed, memory safety, and parallelism.”


The recent hike in technology leads to the existence of new languages to support new features and accessibility. C, C++ is the basic root language to all the other computer languages. However, the system knows only binary codes to communicate with the computer, the instructions to write a program needs lots of memory space as the coding is in a high-level language. The improper use of memory consumes more memory resources which in turn causes bugs and then the program gets to lag. To eliminate the bugs, and to give high-performance the alternative programming language called “The Rust” has come into existence.


Critical Bugs and Vulnerabilities

We are writing more software that we never had before. That software is by and large getting safer and better which is not enough up to the extent. The number of bugs introduced in the software industry is increasing day by day. The interesting part is that Microsoft has found 70% of the bugs are very serious mission-critical bugs that happen in our software deal with memory safety. So the incorrect use of memory and that can include things that “double free, use after free” bugs which are usual glitches in C, C++ programs.


Safe System Programming Language - RUST

After a very long observation of Microsoft Security Response Center(MSRC) looking at the rising number of bugs in software and trying to combat about more than one year earlier. They conclude by seeing the whole field of things in history back and decided to combat better on this issue by introducing a safe system programming language. It is the effort taken to make the system programming languages safer by the following criteria attack. At first, to make C and C++ safer by ending up the bugs with less of them. Secondly, a research project called “Project Verona” which is researching safe system programming to explore the space and come up with a new programming language that can be used for system-level programming and, that is complete memory safe. Regardless, of the output in the future from project Verona, now the safest language in an alternative of C and C++ is the RUST which is safer and more reliable.


Why Rust?

  • Rust is originally developed by Mozilla for the Firefox web browser used for low-level tasks and it's great for systems-level programming because it doesn’t have a garbage collector like C++ and runs even faster than it.
  • Above all, it's completely memory safe and there is no whole host of issue while doing a program in rust.
  • It eliminates 70% of the worst vulnerabilities when using this language.


Rust is useful in developing the Operating system or core infrastructure of Azure or the new Microsoft Edge. But still, it has an unsafe keyword that allows doing some scary bits, its 100% memory safe. Though lots of other memory-safe languages like C sharp, Go, Swift Kotlin is there, but they are not appropriate for systems programming.


RUST Is Super Useful Language

Rust is an open-source language, and available for anybody without a need of paying license and can be used from And also anyone can search ‘Rust Programming Language’ book by Steve Black Nick and carol Nichols’ a free online fantastic resource to go through to get clear on the ins and outs of the language. RUST works great on windows and also in MAC, Linux, or any other operating systems. So many large companies have started using Rust like amazon, google, Facebook, and also smaller but important software companies like dropbox, discord, Cloudflare also keep using this language in their applications to deliver speed and concurrency. Simply, Rust is a language without a garbage collector.






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