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Samsung and Google Joined Hands for Health Connect Development

Published Mon, May 16 2022 12:10 pm
by The Silicon Trend





Health Connect, A Single Unit for Health and Fitness Data

The US tech giant - Google and South Korean giant - Samsung formed an alliance to develop a platform and API called Health Connect that offers creators a toolset to sync consumers' health information between devices and Android apps. This makes it seamless for individuals to monitor their fitness and health data across different platforms.


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Once a person opts in, creators can assemble their health data in an encrypted unit placed on the person's device. Google says users will get full authority over what sort of data they share and what apps they share. The platform supports over 50 data types in several categories such as body measurement, nutrition, activity, cycle tracking, sleep, and vitals.

Samsung's executive vice president – Taejong Jay Yang, said the company is partnering with Google and other organizations to realize the full potential and benefits of Health Connect. Moreover, Samsung Health will also adopt Health Connect later this year. With users' permission, this will enable app creators to take advantage of precise and multiplied data estimated on Galaxy Watch for Samsung Health and leverage it in their apps.

Google Working with Other Developers

Health Connect is in an open beta accessible to all Android creators. Moreover, Google is also working with the creators of MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness, and Withings in early program access. In addition, Google Fit and Fitbit (Google-owned) are set to adopt the Health Connect - meaning tech to be available amid the Pixel Watch release later this year.

Google has reached here because of its open approach to its products, and the Health Connect API is just another Google example to partner with other organizations. Unlike Apple and Samsung, the company doesn't push users into its ecosystem; however, with Android Tablet and Pixel Watch - Google might begin nudging people towards its own products to expand the Pixel device line-up.


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