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Science Made Simple: What Exactly is Machine Learning (ML) Technology

Published Fri, Dec 31 2021 12:23 pm
by The Silicon Trend

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Science Made Simple: What Exactly is Machine Learning (ML) Technology?

Machine Learning technology is the process of identifying patterns in colossal data using computers and making predictions based on those patterns, making it a specific type of artificial intelligence (AI). The global ML market is predicted to grow from $8.43Bn in 2019 to $117.19Bn by 2027, and with technology being so prominent in our lives, it's hard to imagine a future without it.


ML Promise

A massive ML revolution can be seen in detecting cancer in CT imaging. First, scientists arranged several images with a few tissues with cancerous cells and other healthy tissues - used as training data. They assembled data regarding 'how to identify cancer' from photos and created rules for connecting the image information with doctors' knowledge about the disease. These rules and training data are then fed into the ML system, using these data to recognize the cancerous tissues.

Doctors use the system's prediction to make decisions about whether a patient has cancer or not. Some ML systems can enhance their potentials based on feedback on the predictions, which are known as reinforcement ML systems.


Contributions to ML

The Dept of Energy (DOE) Office of Science supports research on ML via its ASCR program. The program has a portfolio of computer tech, data management and analysis, and related studies contributing to AI and ML. With the help of ML technologies, scientists are detecting designs in data from Office of Science user facilities that are impossible for us to identify, at speeds that are hundreds to thousand times swifter than ordinary data analyzing methods.