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Should We Worry About Tesla's Humanoid Bot? I Latest Tech News

Published Fri, Sep 24 2021 06:22 am
by The Silicon Trend


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Should We Worry About Tesla's Humanoid Bot?

The CEO of Tesla Motors - Elon Musk, publicized a humanoid bot to assist people in doing daunting or repetitive tasks at ease. The product is Tesla Bot, a 125-pound, sleek structure integrated into Tesla's AI techs for navigation of traffic and routes. However, a researcher who studies social and ethical development and emerging tech leveraging find this robotic launch to pose threats that excels in imaginative bot fears.


Master Brain Plans

Musk takes a step forward with the innovation of autonomous cars, Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs), and interplanetary rockets, making human life much easier. His numerous ventures will create our future on a set of interconnected techs like system integration, actuators, sensors, energy, and data infrastructure, together creating transformative techs.

According to Musk, when these super-human techs are integrated into an AI brain, autonomous cars will help navigate road infrastructures, a minor step to the robot on legs.


Not Fully Reliable Than Expected

The fully automated vehicles released by Tesla attracted numerous audiences, as the car offered autopilot mode leveraging algorithms. But little did we know, this impressive tech is proving less than fully reliable. Moreover, the crashes associated with this autopilot mode are due to the algorithm fault of not recognizing emergency parked vehicles, which raises questions about releasing the cars onto roads.

But the tech is not the only one to be blamed as humans have exacerbated the software glitches. For example, they took advantage of cars as they are fully automated and failed to pay attention to driving, which can happen to Tesla Bots.


Tesla Bot Threats

The humanoid bots pose potential threats to autonomy and privacy as they collect, share and act on sensitive data, challenges associated with how users respond to the bots followed by possible misarrangements between ideological and ethical perspectives. Moreover, it can be weaponized in new ways when unauthorized changes are done by users on the bot's performance.

Sometimes these techs can be biased as AI algorithms have generated racist and sexist results. Even though the super-human techs are Musk's minor step toward an innovative future, still the concerns encircling these techs are massive. We are not sure the future Musk is trying to bring about would be the best, and if not, who will bear the consequences. 

At present, one can't jump to a conclusion of the tech being worse. But, if leveraged in the right way, the tech idea would be fruitful, fulfilling the promise of billions.