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Tesla Shares Fall, US Opens Investigation into Autopilot System

Published Tue, Aug 17 2021 17:16 pm
by The Silicon Trend


The US federal vehicle safety regulators opened a formal investigation into Tesla's autopilot tech. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said, since 2018, it had noticed 11 crashes where the vehicles have experienced 1st responder scenes. The inquiry will cost approx. 765K Tesla vehicles have been made since 2014, including Model 3, Model Y, Model S & X. The carmaker firm shares reduce to 4.32 percent on Monday following the NHTSA statement.

Concerns About Tesla Cars

The NHFTA was primarily perturbed with the apparent impotence of self-driving cars to cope with cars stopped in the roadway, specifically emergency cars attending an incident. Among the case list was one where the vehicle struck a parked fire engine attending a causality, & the other was when a parked police car was hit.

The agency added it was opening its preliminary inquiry into the techs & approaches leveraged to assist, monitor & impose the driver's engagement. For example, the assistive tech permits the vehicle to accelerate, steer & brake automatically. But it draws a misleading conclusion as it doesn't automatically drive the vehicle & drivers are needed to maintain attention & control at all times.


Tesla Model Autopilot

Tesla's Marketed Feature – Autopilot

The carmaker firm has marketed the aspect as an Autopilot & promised full self-driving, which is now available to a few in a beta version. However, people have mishandled the tech frequently, with examples varying from phone use while driving a car unattended to switching driver seat to passenger seat. An NHTSA report said no commercial motor cars are available today to drive themselves. Every car available needs a human driver to control it all the time.

The supporting document, however, identified the challenging situations involved in many collisions.

Regulator Looking for Tech Safety Assurance

Consumer teams that have been crucial to Tesla's AI leverage & called for strict regulation. Missy Cummings, an engineering professor at Duke University, added that tech like Tesla made probability judgments, posing a prime issue for lawmakers looking for safety assurance. CEO of Tesla - Elon Musk publicized August 19 as Tesla AI day, which he stated would portray the company's AI system progress to recruit AI professionals to the firm.






Image Source: Tesla