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The Futuristic Social Network Trend - Shortform Audio

Published Wed, Jul 21 2021 06:06 am
by The Silicon Trend


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Forget the long Clubhouse conversations; multiple start-ups such as Pludo, Beams & Quest sees voice notes as the future of social media. Even the most powerful social platform - Facebook, sees this as a possibility. The shortform recordings are thought-provoking, social & shareable, making you listen & speak something. As a result, the social giant publicized a soon-to-reach product - Soundbites, built around short, shareable audio clips.

Austin Petersmith, the founder of a shortform audio platform - Racket, says providing users with a constrained time & microphone could make podcasting much easier to approach. He even added that millions of people are actively blogging & making TikToks, but less than a million are into podcasting. The platform limits users to record for 9 minutes as they can do only on the web. The app is under development & is planning to make it open-source. Since the Racket's launch this year, the firm has published audio of 18,000 minutes, 70K people listen to it & 17K people have signed up.



None of these apps provide RSS techs to distribute content to other platforms but aren't very much podcasts. The co-founder of Beams - Alan Sternberg, says RSS is the issue, as it doesn't permit a social platform to grow in a single app. For investors, the innovative trend is to make way for live social media app success & its improvements. An investor in Racket - Jake Chapman, underlined several problems seen with the live audio. He said the shortform audio firms have a much better success chance than platforms such as the latest trending app - Clubhouse.

Recently, the tech giant - Amazon purchased a podcast hosting firm, in addition to Spotify & podcast network Wondery, spending billion dollars on actual content deals. In 2019, Spotify bought Anchor that introduced the idea of cell phone audio recording. It's not focused on the snippet audio but was more designed to democratize podcast creation. 

2 of the main difficulties that these start-ups face – firstly, Facebook plans to pay out $1B to developers across its platform over the next year & lastly, a question that exists to people whether they want to hear this audio format or not.