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The Last of Us PS5 Remake Includes Smarter AI and a Speed Run Mode

Published Fri, Jul 22 2022 11:40 am
by The Silicon Trend



Image Credit: Screenshot taken from YouTube, The Last Part of Us II




On Thursday, Sony launched a ten-minute trailer for The Last of Us 1, where the directors discuss enhancements in the PS5 remake of Naughty Dog's iconic game. The video takes several opportunities to show the enhanced graphics. However, the most captivating changes to the Naughty Dog say that the AI for foes and friends will be improved, that there'll be some additional gameplay modes, and that the game's cutscenes will have audio descriptions for accessibility.

When officially launched in 2013, The Last of Us' AI was nothing interesting. However, the remake develops Part 2's more modern infrastructure for controlling NPCs, making the game better at working together and coming up with strategies more complex than 'run straight at the man with the shotgun.'


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According to the creative director of both games, Neil Druckmann, your companions' AI has gotten an upgrade, which might avoid an immersion-breaking experience where Henry or Elie run in front of a for who then has to act like they didn't notice. In terms of gameplay modes, the remake will include a permadeath mode for users who want to strive their hand at surviving a zombie apocalypse. There's also a speed run mode, though the trailer provides not much details on that other than the game will exhibit a timer in the upper right corner.


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