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The Metaverse: Blockchain and Cryptos of 2021

Published Sat, Nov 27 2021 06:30 am
by The Silicon Trend





The Metaverse: Blockchain and Cryptos of 2021

It is an assumed internet duplication that supports persistent 3D online virtual environments via VR/AR headsets. The metaverse idea popped in a novel - Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, explaining a shared digital environment that people access using VR glasses and fiber optics network. Meta Platforms, Inc. is not the first tech giant to be fascinated by the metaverse idea. With its announcement, the metaverse is open up to new potentials - working, learning, meetings, shopping, and so on.



NFTs and Cryptos

In the platform, we can create our own space and communicate with others by leveraging an avatar. We can either own a virtual property or create a property and sell it to other metaverse users for NFTs. The users can also exchange their metaverse crypto or invest the tokens to get collectible items. Several platforms leveraging game sites are using their own tokens for the exchange of fiat currency. Working, playing, or living in a virtual world need cryptos. Here we will see some of the best metaverse cryptos for better investment decisions.



The Sandbox (SAND)

It is a virtual world backed by an influential investment firm - SoftBank, where we can purchase and sell the land or other assets using platform coins - SAND. Moreover, we can either develop or change anything we think of using crypto, thus legitimating our virtual experience. Here you can create your own game or land, play other games, collect, develop or take property control. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain.




Developed by Wemade Tree Pte. Ltd., it is the newest blockchain arrival for gaming and more. It provides people with a decentralized marketplace to exchange and use the virtual currency – Bitcoin and ETH.



Axie Infinity (AXS)

Here, the players own the token - AXS that they offer as an ownership share and game procedure. In addition, players compete to earn monsters - Axies, an NFT that can be purchased and sold outside the game. Like several other platform coins, AXS is also based on the Ethereum metaverse blockchain.



Decentraland (MANA)

A virtual platform where we can manage, purchase and sell the property. MANA, native crypto leveraged to access interactive apps, good and service payments, or property investment. Decentraland associated metaverse can host interactive options for people like festivals and concerts. This platform also runs on the Ethereum blockchain; hence the gas fees are tended to be high.