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The Metaverse: Impact on Human Evolution

Published Sun, Nov 14 2021 07:30 am
by The Silicon Trend



The Metaverse: Impact on Human Evolution


We have constantly been hearing or reading about the most popular trend ever since Facebook unveiled its progress onto The Metaverse platform. It is the internet future with a hybrid of VR, AR, and physical reality. Several techs and gaming companies such as Microsoft, Disney, Epic Games, Roblox Corp, etc., are taking initiatives to build their own platform. Here, we will discuss the impacts of this latest innovation that will happen someday in the future.


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Positive Impact of the Metaverse


One of the best things that the Metaverse offers is allowing users to experience a never-ending virtual world where they can do things they only dreamed of by leveraging an avatar:

  • Immersive communication - enabling users to interact with one another leveraging avatars while directing via a virtual and complex world.


  • Blockchain suitability - with an immersive virtual world, blockchain tech can be promoted further via digital asset ownership, NFT, crypto utilization, and so on.


  • Business applications - paves new business opportunities, promoting their services and products through virtual storefronts, interactive customer service, and marketing ads.


  • Learning and education offer a more interactive learning experience, with instruction being more engaging than video conferencing and asynchronous sessions that are indirect and passive.


  • Media platform upgrades - offers a virtual interaction while allowing practical use cases for e-contents.


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The Negative Impact of the Metaverse


Anything you come across, be it technology or a company, will have a good and bad side. Similarly, Metaverse also has an ugly side, where a few are mentioned below:


  • Cultural and social effects - Metaverse creates new customs and rules that can degrade our behavior existing in the actual world and impact relationships that are sharpened via the interaction.


  • Access to digital tools aggravates discrimination among people who can afford and use the tools and those who can't. People, regardless of their economic status, must be able to enjoy the Metaverse.


  • Utility and importance - Some of the concerns from people and experts include that whether Metaverse can enhance relationships or not. What are the benefits and costs of leveraging Metaverse, and whether society actually require that or not.


  • Existing internet issues include security and privacy risks, propaganda, unresolved cybercrime and cyberbullying, corrupting tech iterations.