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TickerPlant Collaborates with Google Cloud to Develop Crypto Ecosystem

Published Sun, Apr 03 2022 13:19 pm
by The Silicon Trend





TickerPlant Collaborates with Google Cloud to Develop Crypto Ecosystem

In January 2022, a subsidiary of 63 Moons Technologies Ltd - TickerPlant publicized its partnership with Google Cloud to develop the CryptoWire ecosystem, serving all the crypto stakeholders and blockchain sector on a shared network.

CryptoWire targets streamlining the digital asset class, blockchain, and its industrial usage and encourage professionals to make effective business decisions by providing deep and leading-edge insight.

CryptoWire's innovative knowledge portals, Crypto University and Crypto TV will offer tech and high-value-added global intervention in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. This enables smooth procedures and convergence of all consumer applications to make the best investment decisions and allows industrial blockchain applications.


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In Need of a Tech Partner: TickerPlant

TickerPlant CEO - Jigish Sonagara said while talking about the alliance with Google Cloud that, as crypto and blockchain markets are transitioning, the company needed a tech partner that could help them scale in real-time. When working with Cloud, TickerPlant can offer access to participants across the globe with exquisite information with precision in a swiftly transforming environment.

The company will utilize Cloud's scalable and high-performance data management system to expand CryptoWire's application. It will also use its innovative networking potential for video streaming, content delivery, intelligent business execution, and opportunity convergence.


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CryptoWire Explores Cloud's Innovative Solutions

The Managing Director of Google Cloud India - Bikram Bedi, said they were excited to offer a secure cloud system to breakthrough businesses like TickerPlant as it scales access to crypto and blockchain data with CryptoWire. It also supports them as they create new services and products to develop customer values.

CryptoWire will also explore Cloud's innovative ML, AI, and data analytics solutions to offer an exceptional customer experience. Rushabh Shah, the COO of TickerPlant, said the convergence of Cloud with CryptoWire, Crypto Unv, and CryptoTV has developed a multi-faceted global expansion frontier to be fully leveraged by industries, new generation entrepreneurs, and professionals.


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India's First Crypto Index - IC15

On 3rd January 2022, CryptoWire - a global crypto super app, a particular unit of TickerPlant introduced India's first crypto index 'IC15' to empower crypto and blockchain ecosystem knowledge. It measures the performance of the top 15 widely traded liquid cryptos on the leading crypto exchange of the globe.

Some of the constituents of IC15 are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Solana, Binance Coin, and Shia Inu. The nifty app is available for both iOS and Android devices and has a web browser platform.


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