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Tim Roughgarden Heads Up a16z's Crypto Research Unit

Published Sun, Apr 24 2022 13:54 pm
by The Silicon Trend





Tim Roughgarden Heads Up a16z's Crypto Research Unit

Tim Roughgarden, the theoretical computer scientist and Columbia University Professor, has been appointed the head of a16z's new crypto research unit. His portfolio includes more than three years as a computer science professor at the university and a 14-year stint at Stanford. Roughgarden has also been a research partner at a16z since February 2021.

As one of the active business capital firms in cryptocurrency, a16z has funded over $9Bn. Partly directed by the organization's novel unit, Roughgarden added that its investment in crypto research will develop by several folds in the next couple of years. 


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Advancing Web3 Science & Tech

a16z pinpointed Roughgarden's experience in research, economics, and computer science, followed by his crypto and blockchain course at Columbia, as one of the most popular launches of online cryptos. He was one of the first to offer a formal analysis of the fee mechanism for Ethereum's EIP-1559 upgrade. According to the company, the research team will create a multidisciplinary lab that will operate with the organizations in its profile and others to resolve the significant issues in space, thus, increasing user adoption and advancing Web3 science and tech.

a16z highlighted that the new entrepreneurial idea for a Web3 protocol results in unveiling fresh research challenges that are vital to resolve to strengthen the crypto and blockchain future. Such challenges include scaling and development of system, tokenomics that benefit all users, and practices to develop token economies in Web3 applications like gaming and social media.


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