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TomTom's Improvement Suite Handles EV Range Anxiety

Published Sat, May 22 2021 15:46 pm
by The Silicon Trend

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TomTom Automotive is taking on the range anxiety challenge associated with EV with improvements to its tech suite. Among the vital questions a potential consumer of an electric car wants answers about: Will the vehicle comfortably get him to his destination? & Are there enough charging spots along the drive? These questions have been historically arduous to answer because of limited data & imperfect algorithms. The range estimation of electric cars had oscillated between over-estimating & underestimating by more than 30%.

An analysis published by researchers from the University of Toronto in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change concluded that 90% of light-duty vehicles on US roads need to be electric by 2050 to keep the transportation sector in line with climate mitigation targets. However, the concerns which continue to revolve around EVs pose are a severe obstacle to their adoption.


Managing director at TomTom - Antoine Saucier stated that if they want a future with clean air, they require electric car revolution from the front. That means minimizing the obstacles to people opting for electric cars & having a 360-degree approach to EVs that differentiates them from the competition. It is no surprise that TomTom's extensive suite of deeply integrated electric vehicle location-enable techs continues to be chosen by the leading car manufacturers to power their EV revolution.

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Their latest improvements to its electric vehicle tech suite are to take on some of the user's most significant concerns regarding EVs. Starting with range estimation, the company claims it had explained single-digital precision for a 180km trip by factoring in current & maximum battery level, road type & gradient, driving speed, as well as real-time & historical traffic data. 

TomTom is offering greater certainty to electric car drivers to achieve a top-up charge with improved long-distance electric vehicle routing. The enhanced system optimizes routes based on the recharging & range behavior of the car, the traffic situation on the road & real-time charging spot data. If it is estimated that multiple fewer stops might be swift, the recommendation will be made to the electric car driver.

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The recently publicized TomTom Navigation for Automotive facets deep integration with compatible cars permits it to further optimize EVs by enabling functions like battery pre-conditioning. Using data about the forthcoming charging along the drive, the vehicle can formulate its battery for optimal rapid-charging performance to control how long drivers spend at the charging location & enhance battery span.

All of the improvements the company has made to its electric vehicle tech suite will aid in handling some of the crucial obstacles to adopting EVs & drive the uptake required to achieve carbon emissions reduction targets.