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Top 6 Tech Buzzwords of 2021

Published Sun, Sep 05 2021 05:28 am
by The Silicon Trend


Technology Buzzwords to Drive Your Business in 2021

With 100% remote working from 2020, IT firms have been working round the clock to offer better communication software, cloud services, data sharing & more efficient procedures of conducting business. Software creators gave a shot to innovative techs - AI, AR & Blockchain for efficient management of remote workforce while keeping productivity high.


The tech buzzwords that drive the businesses in 2021 are as below:

Big Data

Sending myriad messages to each potential customer will land your emails in the spam. The only method to get accurate data regarding customers from their behavior & internet usage - Big Data. The benefits that Big Data holds for small-scale & large-scale businesses are:

  •  Reduce HR load - The tech matches the person's qualifications, experience, skillsets & location preferred for the required job & sends in only the suitable candidate for HR interview.
  •  Marketing - The tech will assist us in filling our CRM with relevant information so that our PPC & email marketing campaigns are effective.
  •  Data sharing - Explicit consent can be acquired from the people for data sharing & then that data is licensed, thereby reducing the firm's R&D time.




It projects digital images & data into real-world items. This tech might grow to around $50Bn by 2024. AR offers businesses a chance to ameliorate the consumer experience in e-stores by giving them a real-life product view. In addition, it could provide a multisensory educational experience.  Another benefit for AR is businesses can point the prototype's part to their specific location, creating an excellent final product image.

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Getting investors onboard has been the difficult part of a start-up journey. But start-ups can now raise a decent amount of money with crypto in the form of bitcoins very quickly. Moreover, as this is decentralized, the transactions will become seamless & cheaper while conducting a transaction in your portal. With this innovative tech, everyone has the same chance as Warren Buffet to be rich in promising ventures.



Edge Computing

Edge computing tech runs most of the device process by itself to reduce latency & extensive bandwidth usage. In addition, this tech saves the operation rate of transferring data to the central server, followed by reducing storage needs. 

When data are distributed to different pipelines, firms can ensure that the whole company is safe from cyber-attack. It also plays a beneficial role in smart manufacturing, enabling real-time analysis to monitor the manufacturing floor.



Amid pandemic, several IT firms give serious thought to Artificial intelligence to conduct their regular business. AI brings forth several possibilities for businesses. Unfortunately, jobs are still a fraction of candidates even though the IT world is overflowing with fresh talent. 

In such a scenario, AI helps select the best candidates for the interviews, reducing the effort & time of HR. In addition, this tech is used to send personalized notifications to people & communicate with them on a real-time basis.

AI can also predict results when all the required data is provided, such as stock market, sales, or clinical trials. This helps in efficient inventory management & cost cuts.

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Platform as a Service (PaaS) prototype is being adopted recently, followed by Everything as a Service (XaaS). It defines the techs & tools one can access directly from the cloud or internet. In XaaS, we pay for certain things as a service for long-run consumption rather than an upfront payment. 

The firm will be offering the tech as a service for enterprise consumption instead of simply selling the tech or tool. IaaS, SaaS & PaaS are the popular XaaS division. Some benefits of the XaaS model are that firms can simply subscribe to these services instead of purchasing software. 

Since companies are not purchasing the software, they have resources for top-notch projects. This model also offers better security with its resources being distributed into different servers; hence minimal resources are left for cyber-attack.