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Transformation of Education Sector with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain

Published Tue, Mar 22 2022 16:53 pm
by The Silicon Trend





Transformation of Education Sector with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain

The two most significant innovation drivers in all industry verticals are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and recently being blockchain. While these techs have been revolving around EdTech for now, the sector has been sluggish in its acceptance. However, the Covid-19 scenario significantly transformed the situation, pushing educators to depend on tech for virtual instruction.


Solving Queries

With accessibility to a school's complete knowledge base, AI-powered chatbots can solve a range of repetitive and generic queries students commonly have. The tech frees up time for educators to focus on coursework research, curriculum design, and methods to increase student engagement.



While AI can personalize learning education courses for students, it can also help educators in their work. For example, the tech can offer educators an accurate image of systems that require revaluation by learning students' learning potential and histories. This study will enable educators to create a more effective learning plan for every student.



Though it's not unusual for students to need extra help outside of the class, many teachers wouldn't have the time to help students after school. However, by integrating AI into education systems, the tech can help children hone their skills by improving their weak areas. Moreover, an AI-powered bot can respond to inquiries in 2.7 seconds.


Swift Responses

Nothing is more frustrating than posing a query or a question and getting a solution two days later. On a routine basis, educators get stacked with iteration inquiries. With cognitive intelligence and automation, AI can help children obtain answers to their FAQs in real-time. This saves educators' efforts and time and children's time in looking for solutions.


Blockchain Benefitting EdTech

As we all know, Blockchain is a distributed ledger tech (DLT), where user's data are securely stored and doesn't allow stored data alteration. The tech has been disruptive in the supply chain, construction, education, etc. 

Blockchain is highly secure and privacy-centric; its educational system benefits make it all clear. Let's look at some of the merits offered by Blockchain to EdTech.


Seamless Verification Process

Blockchain is the top-notch solution for secure data, where educational details are safe from initial to lifelong careers. When a student transfers from one institution to another (be it in a different state) for tertiary education, the blockchain asset address will be moved with the entire educational history. Due to this, fraudulent claims of unearned credits can be minimized.


Tamper-proof Certification

Leveraging Blockchain to issue e-credentials, enabling students to share verified qualification copies with HR agencies, employers, and other 3rd parties in a safeguarded system - the academic data can't be manipulated.


Budget Oriented

Automation is a massive enhancement for performing Blockchain in EdTech. The tech can automate the admission process based on the relationship between teachers and students. Payments can be made via a blockchain wallet - an utterly transparent payment method leveraging a smart contract.






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