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Uber India: Path to Electrification Through CNG

Published Sat, Mar 12 2022 07:24 am
by The Silicon Trend


Uber India: Path to Electrification Through CNG

Sustainability Solutions

In a podcast conversation with Uber India President - Prabhjeet Singh, he explains why India has the chance of building a massive CNG infrastructure and why it's a cleaner fuel version. Uber India firmly believes the electrification path will go through CNG, where there will be gas filling stations and the vehicles produced at scale. The company is globally dedicated to sustainability and recognizes this ride-hailing platform has the catalyst for sustainability solutions.


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Uber's Three Core Belief

Firstly, sustainability is a team sport. By referring to it as a team sport, Singh says everybody in the ecosystem needs to come together. OEMs started making vehicles available at price points subsidies, which the govts have started praising. Infrastructure for implementing EV charging points have to come together, and then ride-hailing platforms such as Uber will have to ensure earnings for a buyer to buy an EV.


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Secondly, sustainability will pass through certain stages. Hence, we will continue to see a steep rise in electric participation on the platform, though CNG will take over about 3 to 4 years. Lastly, it is about ensuring the 2 core beliefs as a tech platform.