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Vajro's Aero, the First in Headset Series

Published Mon, Jan 24 2022 13:01 pm
by The Silicon Trend


Vajro's Aero, the First in Headset Series

Aero is likely the first in a series of enthusiast headsets from Varjo, a Finnish manufacturer of AR, VR, and mixed reality headsets. Since the company's foundation in 2016, it has sold top headset products to the interests of Fortune 500 firms.


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One-off Experiment

Last month the firm began shipping for the first time; its latest Aero headset is budget-oriented and sold without any sort of annual service fee, which made Vajro's other headsets a non-starter for single buyers. While Varjo had developed the headset as a sort of one-off experiment, it seems the company has been pleased with the response that it plans for Aero to become an ongoing headset series for the premium enthusiast segment. 

The chief technical officer of Varjo - Urho Konttori said to 'Road to VR' that he was satisfied with the recent launch of the headset. Though Aero is reordered, he expects the things to heat up by next month. The firm's site advises 3 to 4 months from purchase to delivery. 


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XR Cloud Streaming Technology

The company comes with the approach to target top enthusiasts with more headsets in the future. This could connect in a new way with a few of the software that the Varjo has been internally developing, especially XR cloud streaming technology, that supports any OpenVR/SteamVR applications without modifications and aims to expand the aspects of other futuristic headsets.