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Virgin Hyperloop: Designing Entirely New Form of Mass Transit, Recently Unveils New Pod Concept Video

Published Thu, Aug 26 2021 15:25 pm
by The Silicon Trend

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Exclusive Look at Virgin's Hyperloop Propulsion Pods

The hyperloop concept, a new-flanged mode of mass transportation, was first brought to light in 2012 by Richard Branson. One of the hyperloop tech developing firms - Virgin Hyperloop, is close to making travel future less futuristic. The design was approached with a target of producing something that offers safety & comfort. 

The creative director at Teague - Clint Rule executed a dynamic ambient lighting system to visually open the space, simulate daytime & develop a sense of forwarding motion. The firm targeted optimizing the area by dividing it into 2 zones - moment & static. For auditory experience, Man Made Music studied how sounds play a vital role in enhancing wellness & health. The enterprise introduced sonic techniques to make the pods feel bigger & to reduce anxiety & friction in connection with the high-speed journey.

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Real-time Changing Conditions

Man Made Music founder - Joel Beckerman said the refined sound can solve numerous problems evoking a sense of calm & safety. The Hyperloop sonic language promotes confidence, clarity & safety rather than hearing it. The interfaces are humanized in ways that are both known & new-flanged, added Beckerman.

The team made few modifications as the pandemic, even though the tech isn't expected to launch for another 5 years. Once the virus is eradicated, the design will be responsive to real-time changing conditions. Overall, the team aspires to a human-oriented optimistic future & not off-putting surrounding that has become the mark of mass transportation.



Virgin Hyperloop Reveals New-flanged Pod Concept Video

The firm has unveiled a video that portrays a passenger pod using magnetic levitation to travel above 600mph via tubes containing near-vacuum. The firm completed its 1st test-track travel last year with a speed of 170km/h. Greth Dennis, a writer & railway engineer, said, "Everything works & is great, with nothing more than some CGI (computer-generated imaginary) & a giant winky face."

He added that carrying more than a thousand passengers per hour would need several pods traveling every hour. Hyperloop said that, unlike the physically tied trains to move massive people groups, the pods are connected together digitally to trucking convoys on the road. This technique will enable the system to offer convenience & destination car services while knowing its efficiencies & higher train throughputs.

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Govt Investments

In July, another firm that seeks to create the commercial reality of the hyperloop method, Hyperloop TT, revealed its vision for a Hyperport to swiftly move shipping containers using the tech. Vision Hyperloops added that the pods will have zero direct emissions. The concept was included in the American infrastructure bill recently passed by the Senate, opening the Federal govt investment possibility. But still, few questions regarding the innovative questions exist & how financially it can create a comprehensive platform of evacuated tube lines while keeping the rate competitive with air & rail fares.

The firm said the reply was to utilize the tech advancements to keep the rate down & returns high, drawing on the public investment. The firm also added the colossal ability to attract funding from the private sector using public financing.





Image Source: Virgin Hyperloop