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Virtual World Reshaping

Published Sun, Aug 22 2021 07:38 am
by The Silicon Trend



Dream Shaping Development

Media Molecule's virtual realms installation - Dream shaping development elevates a fascinating discussion about interactive art democratization. The studio's lead designer - John Beech, added that Dreams player & developers could seamlessly create their own arts outside the box, underlining how others can illuminate the engine for their own plays. 

Its motion intake captures the game's data, which isn't possible in the public version, but Beech states that Media Molecule is constantly seeking ways to expand the engine's e-toolset.



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Power to Bring People Physically Together

Rhizomatiks & Enhance mimicked the Rezonance (Rez) installation work in VR. The 2 groups leveraged Oculus Quest 2 headsets to progress the virtual world & fine-tune visuals & audio. Beech said the work on Dream Shaping started way before the Covid-19 scenario, but the project poses its own challenges because of the remote alliance.

As the people start to temporarily open up, Virtual Realms will provide a way for users to come together, which can be great for developers. In addition, OReilly added, it is a fresh medium that is absolutely natural & can produce emotional effects. He also added his intention that people will come away from the virtual world with an impression that they have never experienced from other art types & that's its power.