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WhatsApp Web Multi-Device Facets Keeps Account Secured

Published Sun, Jul 11 2021 15:56 pm
by The Silicon Trend

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WhatsApp multi-device support launch is close & the firm is testing several form factors on the beta version. Its Web Beta has been spotted with multi-device support. The facets are not functional for the beta app testers, but the instant messaging platform is expected to launch soon. The report shares new characteristics along with a statement saying, "Send messages & make calls without connecting the phone. Use WhatsApp on up to 4 devices at the same time."

Many of us use the messaging platform to connect with friends, families, or work every day. With the amount of sensitive data shared as part of work & personal conversations, it is vital to ensure that critical security practices & settings are in place. Some of the procedures & settings to follow to keep our WhatsApp account secured.

Update App

As a digital security rule, all your apps must be up-to-date with their latest versions. This method is vital as creators often find errors & bugs in the app's code that hackers could exploit to access the device. Hence, keeping the app updates will ensure that the latest facets & patches are available to users.


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Set Up Two-step Verification

The platform has its version of two-factor authentication built into the app to ensure others don't take over our account without the code. To enable the Two-step verification, go to WhatsApp's settings, select 'Account' & then 'Two-step Verification.' Next, select 'Enable,' & you will have to enter a 6-digit PIN & an email address. Once the step is complete, the option will be activated in our account. If we forgot the pin, the app would use the email ID to reset the PIN option.

Biometric Lock

Most smartphones have Face-ID or fingerprint-based biometric locks. The app permits us to use this biometric to prohibit access to WhatsApp. To enable this option; go to settings, select 'Account' & then 'Privacy'. Now, choose 'Screen lock' on iOS or 'Fingerprint lock' on an Android device from the menu. Next, select the biometric lock & the app's frequency to request authentication with biometric ID. Once these selections are made, a biometric lock for the app will be active.


Check WhatsApp Chat Backup Status

The app secures our chat conversations using end-to-end encryption, which we can verify from WhatsApp, but this encryption doesn't apply to our chat backups. As a result, these backups will be uploaded to iCloud on iOS & Google Drive on Android devices that are not encrypted, & hackers gain access to the cloud service where these chats are stored. Hence, to keep the account more secured, we should disable the chat backup feature until the app offers the backup encryption feature.

A functional version of the app's multi-device support is expected to roll out to the Beta version of WhatsApp very soon. The fire chief, Will Cathcart & Mark Zuckerberg have officially publicized that the facet is likely to release within the next 2 months. It has been identified on the beta version app, but the factor is still not functional.