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Will Instagram Change the Way How Stories Work?

Published Thu, May 19 2022 14:05 pm
by The Silicon Trend





Will Instagram Change the Way How Stories Work?

Instagram Stories are an excellent method of posting an event in your day, random thoughts you had, or a reel you found funny. Whether it's of top-notch quality or not doesn't matter as the Story is only for 24 hours. Thanks to this, most users post serially about their day, creating an endless feed of videos or other random content even to the extent that this entire procedure often becomes very spammy.


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Story Testing Began in Brazil

While this attitude might have a lot of takers, Instagram isn't a fan, and the social media app may soon change the way Stories works. The platform is reportedly testing a novel layout in Brazil that displays only three of your Stories to your followers, and the rest stays hidden.

According to a Brazilian user, the new Story layout is probing. It displays only the first three stories and the rest hidden behind a button, 'Show All,' which happens to those posting Stories excessively. It isn't clear whether the platform is testing in any other country apart from Brazil and how many can see this novel layout.


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Testing for Better Content on Instagram

For beginners, this testing will not be spammed incessantly by a flood of Stories from a single user; however, creators and influencers must stay alert when selecting which to post, facilitating better content, so followers won't miss out on content.

Instagram wants you to spend more quality time on the app, leading to clearing spam and offering the users better content. Currently, users can post over 100 stories in a row, but it's not clear if the platform will also change this limit.


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